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TruVista deploys Adtran ALM to pinpoint fiber faults and drive down operating costs

News summary:

  • Service provider required a proactive monitoring system for real-time insight into fiber integrity
  • Adtran’s ALM technology monitors fiber carrying any data signal, delivering instant, detailed alerts that precisely locate issues
  • With comprehensive network health data, TruVista has optimized its operations and reduced truck rolls

Adtran today announced that TruVista is harnessing its ALM fiber monitoring solution to ensure the reliability of its high-speed broadband services. Adtran’s ALM gives TruVista’s maintenance teams comprehensive and immediate insight into their optical infrastructure, including third-party links. By continuously probing the fiber network for breaks, bends, damage and more, the technology empowers field forces to take swift, targeted action to resolve any issues. This proactive approach enables TruVista to deliver ultra-reliable high-speed connectivity even more efficiently, ensuring its subscribers benefit from robust, sustainable and secure services.

“At TruVista, enhancing the subscriber experience is our top priority. That’s why we chose to elevate our services by leveraging Adtran’s comprehensive fiber assurance platform,” said Sam Fitzgerald, VP of technology at TruVista. “We have a lot of fiber spread across a huge expanse of land. Given this scale, we need the best possible protection against unpredictable events like storm damage or accidental cuts. Real-time, in-service monitoring of our network is critical to promptly identify and address any anomalies. ALM enables us to detect the slightest issues as soon as they occur, giving our network an essential layer of protection. It ensures that our subscribers consistently receive the best possible broadband experience.”

ALM enables us to detect the slightest issues as soon as they occur.
Sam Fitzgerald, VP of technology at TruVista

TruVista is utilizing Adtran’s ALM technology to enhance service delivery for its residential and business subscribers across South Carolina and Georgia. Engineered for power efficiency, ALM protects the company’s investment and ensures consistent service quality. It works seamlessly with any optical transmission technology, enabling swift fiber fault detection irrespective of the network equipment used. The system monitors the network in real-time and provides precise alerts for faults, irregularities or security breaches. With access to detailed performance data, TruVista is reducing the need for truck rolls and cutting operational costs, helping to streamline network management and bolstering service reliability.

“Over the last ten years, we’ve helped TruVista build a network spanning two states, enabling tens of thousands of subscribers to play, stream, learn and work from home. Now, by deploying our ALM, they join a growing list of forward-thinking service providers who are making their networks more robust, reliable and secure. With ALM surveilling TruVista’s fiber 24/7, the efficiency of their high-quality broadband services just got a major boost,” commented John Scherzinger, GM of Americas sales at Adtran. “What sets our ALM apart is its ease of use and open management interfaces. Simply drop it into your network and it instantly starts monitoring the physical integrity of any fiber link. It’s completely service-agnostic. This simplicity and versatility are what make it so appealing to service providers.”


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