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Adtran integrates flexiWAN into Ensemble SmartWAN for affordable, high-performance enterprise networking

News summary:

  • Demand is growing for cost-effective, scalable and easily managed virtual-edge SD-WAN solutions  
  • flexiWAN, the industry’s first open source SD-WAN, is now available as part of Adtran’s Ensemble SmartWAN
  • SmartWAN provides a simple, customizable and pre-integrated solution to boost network performance and manageability without compromising on security or reliability

Adtran today announced the integration of flexiWAN’s SD-WAN solution into its SmartWAN offering, bringing flexibility, cost-efficiency and AI-driven resilience to enterprise networking. Built on Ensemble Connector, Adtran’s SmartWAN now features flexiWAN’s open, modular and automated technology to give businesses a customizable SD-WAN solution optimized for edge-cloud architectures. Delivering high-performance levels, even on open servers, the combined platform adds many new features to Adtran’s SmartWAN, including improved quality-based routing decisions, QoS, network resiliency and automated self-healing. With greater control and responsiveness, customers can seamlessly manage and fine-tune their enterprise network connectivity.

“Joining forces with Adtran has allowed us to combine our innovation and scale our go-to-market outreach while overcoming barriers for enterprises seeking a robust, low-footprint SD-WAN solution,” said Amir Zmora, CEO of flexiWAN. “With our technology pre-integrated into Adtran’s SmartWAN, deployment and management of secure SD-WAN services become more streamlined than ever. Thanks to the platform’s user-friendly interface, operators can efficiently manage anything from three to three thousand devices with just a few clicks. By delivering a blend of openness, flexibility, speed and scale, flexiWAN not only enhances Ensemble SmartWAN but enables customers to enjoy a unique combination of simple onboarding and enhanced manageability of virtual edge SD-WAN while remaining cost-competitive.”
We’ve created a turnkey solution that’s ready to go, right out of the box.
Mike Heffner, GM of Business Solutions, Adtran

Today’s enterprises and service providers need to keep pace with rapidly changing network and security demands. With the rise of cloud computing, IoT devices and an increasing reliance on real-time data, it’s crucial to implement a robust, efficient and highly adaptive SD-WAN solution. Through the integration of flexiWAN into Adtran’s SmartWAN platform, enterprises now have access to a cost-effective, AI-enhanced, comprehensive, open and expandable SD-WAN solution that can be deployed on a wide variety of open computing platforms that meets both technical and business requirements.

Adtran’s Ensemble SaaS MANO provides comprehensive management and orchestration capabilities for the newly combined solution. By harnessing the software, enterprises can rapidly deploy and scale SmartWAN-enabled SD-WAN instances from a single location, as well as integrate SmartWAN SD-WAN with other third-party applications, such as advanced security features, firewalls, etc. With its open and flexible approach, flexiWAN delivers the simple, low-footprint and future-proof SD-WAN services modern enterprises need to thrive in the digital age.

“Folding flexiWAN into our already highly capable SmartWAN solution adds functionality that enables enterprise network operators to deliver incredibly agile and cost-effective SD-WAN applications,” commented Mike Heffner, GM of Business Solutions, Adtran. “As enterprises are asking for SD-WAN solutions that are more customizable, interoperable and cost-effective than proprietary technology, our partnership with flexiWAN is timely. Together, we’ve developed a platform that gives enterprises complete deployment flexibility. What’s more, setup is fast and simple. We’ve created a turnkey solution that’s ready to go right out of the box.”


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