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Wireless Nation uses Adtran for rapid delivery of high-speed Wi-Fi services in New Zealand

News summary:

  • Fast-growing service provider on a mission to deliver reliable, high-quality broadband nationwide, including underserved rural areas 
  • Adtran’s connected home solution enables remote setup and monitoring
  • Cloud-managed adaptive Wi-Fi powered by Plume boosts efficiency, security and customer experience

Adtran today announced that Wireless Nation is leveraging its connected home solution to enable the rapid rollout of high-quality Wi-Fi services across New Zealand. The adaptive AI-driven technology enables the service provider to connect households and businesses even in remote and sparsely populated areas without sacrificing quality or customer support. With advanced management capabilities, the technology empowers Wireless Nation to remotely optimize its customers’ Wi-Fi experience while also reducing truck rolls and boosting sustainability.

“Adtran is helping us to enhance our customers’ in-home Wi-Fi experience, reduce complexity and support queries, and increase customer satisfaction. The new solution supports technician-free setup and the ability to monitor and resolve issues remotely. That means even those in hard-to-reach rural locations can now get access to high-quality Wi-Fi,” said Tom Linn, CTO of Wireless Nation. “Our new services also enable customers to take control of their connectivity via an intuitive smartphone Wi-Fi management app. This offers enhanced features such as content blocking and parental control, providing a safer and more customized internet experience in the home. And for businesses, it provides complete control and visibility as well as enterprise-grade security.”

Even those in hard-to-reach rural locations can now access high-quality Wi-Fi.
Tom Linn, CTO of Wireless Nation

Wireless Nation is now rolling out secure, highly robust, self-install Wi-Fi services to every corner of New Zealand. Its new solution is built on Adtran’s cloud-managed broadband technology, integrated with AI-driven, adaptive Wi-Fi powered by Plume. This includes Plume HomePass, enabling Wireless Nation to offer personalized guest access and enhanced security features, simplifying the Wi-Fi experience and providing valuable data analytics to optimize network performance. For enterprises, Plume WorkPass enables secure remote access for employees and visitors to corporate networks while allowing Wireless Nation to manage access and monitor sensitive data via the cloud.

“We’re delighted to be helping Wireless Nation deliver an exceptional connected experience to customers across New Zealand. Our cloud-managed AI-driven solution intelligently adapts to changing network conditions, ensuring a superior Wi-Fi experience that boosts customer satisfaction. It’s also more efficient and better for the environment, making it a win-win for Wireless Nation’s subscribers and the planet,” commented Erik Lindberg, GM of APAC sales at Adtran. “Access to reliable connectivity has become essential in every walk of life. That’s why we’re proud to support Wireless Nation as it expands its reach and service offerings.”


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