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ADVA answers on-premises cloud demand with Ensemble Cloudlet

News summary:

  • Requirements for low latency, standalone resilience and data sovereignty are driving enterprises to deploy on-premises clouds
  • Ensemble Cloudlet extends ADVA’s industry-leading uCPE technology to provide a scalable edge cloud with networking and centralized control
  • CSPs can seize new revenue opportunities by delivering combined telco and cloud services

ADVA (FSE: ADV) today expanded its uCPE solution with Ensemble Cloudlet. This new software is a direct response to the growing demand from enterprises for on-premises cloud solutions. With Ensemble Cloudlet, enterprises can harness edge computing to meet low-latency requirements for applications such as private 5G, AR and smart manufacturing. Removing the need for central hosting also boosts security and makes mission-critical applications more resilient. For CSPs, Ensemble Cloudlet creates an entirely new use case for uCPE. It enables them to offer customers an easily scalable edge cloud with localized control. With Ensemble Cloudlet, CSPs can effortlessly deploy and manage tens of thousands of edge clouds to host customer IT workloads, opening up a wealth of new revenue streams.


“Our Ensemble Cloudlet is a key step in the evolution of the cloud. No longer is it something hosted solely in large, centralized data centers. Now it’s easy to harness the benefits of multi-node clouds right on the customer premises. That means enterprises can utilize applications that require access to compute resources with extremely low latency. It also gives organizations with highly sensitive data the ability to keep all information in a specific area for complete data sovereignty,” said Mike Heffner, GM at Edge Cloud, ADVA. “And for CSPs, our Ensemble Cloudlet opens the door to a world of new opportunities. They already have the infrastructure in place to deliver hybrid workload clouds at the customer edge. Now we’re providing the easy scalability and secure remote management capabilities to make it work. CSPs can start with a single node and then scale up to meet customer demand.”

Ensemble Cloudlet is a key step in the evolution of the cloud.
Mike Heffner, GM of Edge Cloud, ADVA

Ensemble Cloudlet extends traditional uCPE deployments by clustering multiple nodes together in a single cloud and delivering managed on-premises edge computing. With zero-touch provisioning, it makes deployment easy for teams without specialized expertise. Far more cost-efficient than data center cloud solutions, Ensemble Cloudlet also boosts resilience through redundant local cloud controllers and by enabling remote management. This is achieved with ADVA’s Ensemble management and orchestration suite, including Ensemble Orchestrator and Ensemble Virtualization Director, which features automation tools that reduce the need for technical resources and expert personnel.

“The launch of our Ensemble Cloudlet is big news for CSPs. The boom in uCPE deployments puts them in the perfect position to create scalable edge clouds with localized control. Now we’re giving them the tools they require to seize this new opportunity,” commented Brian Van Voorhis, director of PLM at Edge Cloud, ADVA. “For a growing number of applications, the model of a centralized data center cloud just doesn’t fit. Now CSPs can give customers access to the local cloud computing they need for use cases including VR and industrial IoT. From providing standalone resilience when network links fail to reducing backhaul for applications such as video surveillance, our Ensemble Cloudlet will be a game changer.”


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