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Adtran quenching global thirst for 10G fiber

With over 300% year-over-year market share growth in XGS-PON, Adtran poised to increase 10G fiber leadership in North America and Europe

Adtran®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation multi-gigabit fiber and fiber extension broadband access solutions, today announced that operators have increasingly selected its XGS-PON/10Gbit/s-EPON portfolio to take their network capabilities to 10Gbit/s. The Adtran technology and software-defined access approach have proven to be a fiber access game changer for the largest incumbent operators, regional service providers and community broadband providers in North America and Europe as each seeks a competitive edge when satisfying the growing demand for multi-gigabit business and residential services.

Recent research reports from Dell’Oro and Omdia highlight Adtran’s market impact and growth. Both research firms show Adtran as ranking #2 and #3 for XGS-PON OLT shipments in North America and in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) respectively on a four-quarter rolling basis. Further, Adtran XGS-PON and 10Gbit/s EPON shipments have reached an inflection point where 50% of its OLT ports deployed in this period were based on its open and disaggregated SD-Access platforms across a mix of large metro central offices, hardened street cabinets and strand-mounted remote OLTs.

Omdia’s forecast predicts XGS-PON ONTs will increase dramatically compared to the total PON ONT market.
Julie Kunstler, chief analyst for broadband access at Omdia

“Omdia’s forecast predicts XGS-PON ONTs will increase dramatically compared to the total PON ONT market,” said Julie Kunstler, chief analyst for broadband access at Omdia. “Adtran’s 2021 XGS-PON ONT shipments reflect the adoption of XGS-PON ONTs.”

Rather than rely on just one market for relevance, or align itself with a traditional deployment solution, Adtran’s growth continues to cross all operator types and multiple markets. Year-over-year (YoY) growth continues to exceed 50% and within EMEA 3Q21 OLT growth was 700% YoY, according to Dell’Oro Group’s Jeff Heynen, VP of broadband access and home networking. In 2021 alone, Adtran saw its 10Gbit/s fiber access platforms broadly selected and deployed in nearly 100 U.S. regional and municipal networks, like Sonic, PAC Fiber and the City of Monroe, Ga.; three pan-European and national incumbent operators, like BT/Openreach; within EMEA’s ramping altnet market, almost 50 challengers like Netomnia; as well as Tier 1 cable MSOs and national incumbents in North America, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand. As U.S. federal funding such as RDOF is utilized, along with the substantial private equity injections into the market and as U.S. state and local funding mechanisms begin to become available, Adtran is well positioned to help operators close the digital divide for everyone, everywhere.

“Adtran is rapidly becoming the 10Gbit/s fiber access supplier of choice to an industry that is realizing that 10Gbit/s PON FTTH technology paired with AI-driven optimization is the best path to realizing its broadband goals,” said Robert Conger, senior VP, technology and strategy at Adtran. “It is validating to see how the unique benefits of our open, software-defined platform are being adopted at pace by every type of network operator in the U.S. and Europe – from innovative altnets and rural community broadband providers, to many of the world’s largest service providers and MSOs.”


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