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Adtran recognizes European fiber broadband providers for exceptional deployments

Awards showcase how ISPs are helping their communities be a part of the gigabit society

Adtran®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation multigigabit fiber and fiber extension broadband access solutions, today presented awards to Apfutura, Community Fiber, Gigaclear, M-net, Netomnia, Swish Fibre, Talk Straight, Trooli and Zzoomm for their leadership, inclusion and innovation in creating amazing broadband experiences for their subscribers. The service providers are leveraging Adtran’s end-to-end solution suite to build their best networks in order to deploy ultra-fast broadband speeds and connect communities across Europe to new opportunities.

“We are proud to award these recipients for their hard work, ingenuity and commitment to the delivery of reliable internet connectivity,” said Ronan Kelly, CTO, EMEA and APAC regions at Adtran. “They are truly technology trailblazers, and their understanding of modern solutions and approaches to networking will radically improve broadband speeds and services, thereby supporting the most advanced consumer and enterprise applications for decades to come.”

We are proud to award these recipients for their hard work, ingenuity and commitment.
Ronan Kelly, CTO, EMEA and APAC regions at Adtran

The full list of Adtran awards included the following:

Inclusion award: Apfutura was awarded for the best demonstration of diversity across its workforce, delivering the full-fiber experience.

Traction award: London-based altnet operator Community Fiber processed 40,000 ONTs, making it the fastest ONT deployment in the last 12 months. This deployment ensured its new subscribers could enjoy services from a wide range of ultra-fast, multigigabit service packages up to 3Gbit/s.

Bridging the digital divide award: Gigaclear was recognized for demonstrating the best improvement to internet experience and growth in broadband speeds for its subscribers. Prior to Gigaclear, rural communities across the UK experienced snail-paced internet connectivity. With Gigaclear’s new network, residents reported an immediate benefit with faster upload speeds and superb audio and video connectivity.

Leadership award: Gigaclear’s COO Nathan Rundle has a deep understanding of open networking principles, and under his leadership, Gigaclear moved away from point-to-point (P2P) fiber architectures to Passive Optical Network (PON) technologies. This shift will allow Gigaclear to grow its P2P estate while making significant savings in deploying PON technologies from Adtran.

Deployment award: M-net, a fiber optic operator based in Germany, set a record time when it integrated the Adtran Mosaic™ Cloud Platform into its existing OSS and IT environment within just six months.

Vision award: Netomnia is one of the first operators to leverage the Adtran software-defined access (SD-Access) architecture. As a result, the network builder has created the leading 10Gbit/s SD-Access network in the UK.

Innovation award: Swish Fiber adopted the Adtran 10Gbit/s fiber access platform, Adtran cloud-managed mesh Wi-Fi solution and intelligent SaaS products into its network. Swish Fiber quickly commissioned a best-in-class 10Gbit/s full-fiber network that delivers exceptional connectivity services to homes and businesses in the counties surrounding the London area.

Empathy award: Talk Straight demonstrated its commitment to delivering broadband to underserved communities by utilizing the Adtran MetNet 60Gbit/s solution to deliver residential and business gigabit services via a license-free, 60GHz self-organizing mmWave solution.

Expansion award: Trooli was recognized for having the fastest 10Gbit/s fiber access platform (OLT) rollout during the previous 12 months. Now, the operator is primed to deploy a gigabit capable network to service over 70 UK towns and villages with the support of Adtran 10Gbit/s FTTH solutions.

Enablement award: Zzoomm is a UK altnet that was honored for its efforts in assisting job seekers return to the workforce while contributing to fiber rollout strategies in its local area. Zzoomm is dedicated to developing its talent pool and attracts people with a wide range of skills, talents and backgrounds, often holding “taster” days where a potential recruit can see what life is like for a Zzoommer.

All recipients were honored at a reception on Tuesday, September 21, in London alongside the Connected Britain event happening this week, 21-22 September.