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Adtran’s Combo PON technology supercharges multigigabit broadband adoption for operators worldwide

Innovative Combo PON technology adopted by more than 100 customers in its first year, leading the industry’s transition to 10G-capable fiber access networks

Adtran®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation multigigabit fiber and fiber extension broadband access solutions, today announced that its award-winning Combo PON technology has been adopted by more than 100 operators worldwide since its launch in June 2020. Almost every type of service provider – from altnets, RDOF recipients, multinational Tier 1 operators and cable operators – has embraced Adtran’s Combo PON technology as the ideal way to scale 10Gbit/s PON access services within both existing and greenfield networks.

Combo PON makes upgrading to symmetrical 10Gbit/s PON services simple by seamlessly supporting the installed base of GPON subscribers while blanketing the entire FTTH network with the higher speed and capacity of symmetric 10Gbit/s XGS-PON. Adtran’s Combo PON technology is available across the company’s OLT portfolio, whether it is the disaggregated SDX 6000 series, integrated Total Access 5000 family of 10Gbit/s fiber access platforms or its low-density remote OLTs.

The value of scalable gigabit services and game-changing multigigabit services cannot be overstated.
Julie Kunstler, senior principal analyst, Omdia

Adtran’s Combo PON innovation provides service providers a highly efficient way to support both GPON and next-generation XGS-PON technologies simultaneously over a common optical distribution network (ODN), enabling XGS-PON service migration with zero disruption to subscribers’ services. As a result, service providers have benefited from overwhelming savings of 50% in capex, 66% in power and 75% in space, while also gaining higher revenue, 25% greater gigabit service coverage and 25% longer network asset lifespan. With these combined benefits it is unsurprising that industry analyst firms, like Omdia, predict that Combo PON will represent the majority of next-gen GPON OLT ports shipped worldwide in the next three years.

“For many different types of service providers, from electric coops to rural ISPs, the value of scalable gigabit services and game-changing multigigabit services cannot be overstated,” said Julie Kunstler, senior principal analyst, Omdia. “Combo PON technology provides a seamless network and capacity upgrade path as well as opportunities to expand addressable markets and revenue streams. Combo PON solutions provide service providers with flexibility regarding the use of next-gen PON for specific customers and applications; thereby increasing ROI over the same ODN.”

“Adtran introduced Combo PON to close the debate on whether to deploy GPON or XGS-PON FTTH technology by providing a simplified and cost-effective network strategy just as carriers of all sizes, in all markets were focused on building new fiber networks,” said Robert Conger, SVP, technology and strategy at Adtran. “The proof of how relevant and impactful Adtran’s Combo PON has been in addressing this market demand is the unprecedented customer momentum we are witnessing.”


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