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The City of Monroe blankets itself in fiber with Adtran

Local municipality bridges digital divide for every resident and business

Adtran®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation multigigabit fiber and fiber extension broadband access solutions, today announced that the City of Monroe, Ga., has selected the Adtran Total Access 5000 (TA5000) 10Gbit/s fiber access platform to deliver a new fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network for business and residential customers. Adtran’s solutions offer the city flexibility in network planning, integration and operations. As a result, the City of Monroe requires less technical resources and reduces operating expenses while accelerating service velocity to support its community’s broadband needs.

The City of Monroe is a full-service municipal utility provider and offers its customers electric, cable television, broadband cable internet, VoIP, natural gas, water and wastewater services as a one-stop shop for residents and businesses. The City of Monroe’s downtown district is vibrant, and the city first started its fiber deployment to support all downtown businesses. The area is lined with hospitality, entertainment and retail shops, all of which have some sort of online presence and reliable internet connectivity is a lifeline. The fiber network also covers all Walton County Public Schools, local private schools as well as Piedmont Healthcare – one of the largest hospital systems in Georgia.

Adtran helped us plan our network to meet current needs and give us an economical path to scale.
Brian K. Thompson, director of electric and telecom at the City of Monroe

To expand its fiber footprint to all of Monroe, the city chose Adtran’s solution to cost-effectively support both high-density urban and low-density rural customers with a single platform to reach any customer at any location within town limits. While the TA5000 is the highest density 10Gbit/s fiber access platform on the market, it also scales down for less concentrated deployments with its compact variant, the Total Access 5004, purpose-built for rural applications. The City of Monroe will leverage the TA5000 to deliver Gigabit FTTH services from day one and will then incorporate XGS-PON FTTH services for multigigabit speeds as needed over time.

“Access to fiber broadband is now one of the first questions that developers ask when looking to start new development projects in our area. We wanted to ensure that we selected a partner that we could trust to build a network our community could depend on for this critical infrastructure,” said Brian K. Thompson, director of electric and telecom at the City of Monroe. “Adtran was able to help us plan our network so it met our current needs, but also gave us an economical path to scale to what we expect to need in the future. Now, the only calls we get from customers are to upgrade to new higher capacity internet connections.”

“Adtran’s ability to help customers build the right network for their specific community needs is a core value we work hard to maintain,” said Craig Stein, VP of sales at Adtran. “Our fiber broadband access solution provides customers, like the City of Monroe, with a common, adaptable platform. It offers the widest set of deployment options for scaling business and residential services and has been recognized as the industry’s ideal solution for better broadband service creation.”


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