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Talk Straight lines up UK broadband opportunities with Adtran fixed wireless access

ISP builds new revenue stream and quickly extends gigabit connectivity to broadband-starved residents

Adtran®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation multigigabit fiber and fiber extension broadband access solutions, today announced that Talk Straight is leveraging the Adtran MetNet 60G solution to create a new path to gigabit broadband connectivity in rural regions of the UK. The internet service provider (ISP) tested Adtran’s mmWave fixed wireless access (FWA) solution as part of a proof of concept that could quickly and cost-effectively extend gigabit symmetric broadband services beyond the reach of existing fiber networks. The successful project paved a new path to revenue for Talk Straight, off of which it will expand its concept into a formal deployment to reach more locations in the UK.

A recent report from Ofcom, the UK’s communications regulator, estimates that 190,000 properties across the UK still cannot access an acceptable broadband connection and more than 880,000 children live in a UK household with only a mobile internet connection. When the pandemic hit in 2020, this need for broadband connectivity was underscored as the digital divide expanded even further.

Talk Straight took the initiative to start closing the local digital divide. The ISP was historically focused on providing internet and communications solutions to schools across the UK when it successfully deployed a proof of concept using Adtran’s 60GHz mesh fixed wireless network to extend broadband to Garnett Wharfe, a neighborhood where many homes lacked access to high-capacity broadband. Built on the industry’s first self-organizing, 60GHz mmWave fixed wireless technology, Talk Straight delivered a fixed wireless multigigabit network that is powerful enough to support residential, campus, smart city and business customers.

The Adtran MetNet 60G solution offered speed and ease of deployment.
David Tindall, CEO at Talk Straight

“Students are going back to the classroom and offices are reopening, but at-home connectivity demands continue to increase. We still need to get rural residents and students on a level broadband playing field,” said David Tindall, CEO at Talk Straight. “The Adtran MetNet 60G solution is very easy to install and offered speed and ease of deployment. Additionally, Adtran is extremely helpful and committed to our success. As a result, we have the confidence we need to build a business case for expanding this deployment to more residents and businesses that need a better option for high-speed broadband.”

“Adtran offers the most complete and open gigabit fiber access and fiber extension portfolio so that our customers gain the right tools to build their best networks. For Talk Straight, that meant extending connectivity as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, and our MetNet 60G solution is perfect for that,” said Stuart Broome, VP of sales, EMEA, for Adtran. “Unlike other mesh technologies, Adtran’s solution is self-configuring, self-optimizing and self-healing so it lowers the total cost of ownership and cost per subscriber add. This allows non-traditional service providers, like Talk Straight, to easily expand the types of services they can offer and increase revenue opportunities.”


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