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Adtran streamlines rural broadband delivery with new remote fiber access solution

Market-leading fiber access portfolio enables the cost-effective and efficient delivery of fiber services anywhere to anyone

Adtran®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation multigigabit fiber and fiber extension broadband access solutions, today announced the Adtran Total Access 5004 (TA5004) Micro-Cabinet compact, modular fiber access platform. It is the industry’s most flexible 10Gbit/s fiber access platform purpose-built for serving ultra-low-density environments to expedite rural gigabit coverage, lower the cost-per-subscriber and support multigigabit service introduction.

Many rural communities are crying out for better broadband to support remote work, learning and telehealth demands, as well as a variety of precision agriculture needs which are key to securing the food supply chain. This fiber access platform is the latest Adtran solution designed specifically to address the challenging economics encountered when bridging the digital divide faced by our smaller rural communities.

Adtran is committed to ensuring that any customer can be reached by fiber.
Robert Conger, SVP, technology and strategy at Adtran

“Tens of billions of dollars in funding in the form of RDOF, Rural Reconnect and private equity funds have been made available to expand rural gigabit coverage. A comprehensive portfolio of broadband solutions is critical in helping any service provider achieve international broadband goals, regardless of network architecture, OSS/IT framework or choice of PON technology,” said Jeff Heynen, VP at Dell’Oro Group. “Furthermore, flexible, low-density FTTH solutions will ensure that service providers in the most remote and underserved communities can quickly and cost-effectively roll out gigabit services.”

Adtran’s compact, lightweight TA5004 Micro-Cabinet can be pole or wall-mounted and comes with integrated cooling and remote powering options to accelerate deployment. It supports innovative software that enables operators to extend service out to 60km to fully serve any low-density census block. The system requires limited maintenance due to its “set it and forget it” weather-hardened, sealed packaging. In addition, service providers have a future-ready solution, incorporating Adtran’s innovative Combo PON technology, allowing them to upgrade capacity or offer multigigabit services at the turn of a dial.

“Delivering fiber access to rural areas can be challenging due to the low population and associated higher subscriber connection costs. Adtran is committed to helping its customers overcome these challenges so that any customer can be reached by fiber,” said Robert Conger, SVP, technology and strategy at Adtran. “The data is overwhelming in terms of the value that enhanced broadband brings to communities, homes, businesses and people, and low-density, remote fiber access platforms help our customers reach everyone, everywhere.”

The addition of the TA5004 Micro-Cabinet further expands Adtran’s leading portfolio of rural and distributed access solutions, including the Adtran 9504N 10G-EPON R-OLT, the Adtran SDX 6310 Combo PON R-OLT and the Adtran SDX 6210 10G-EPON R-OLT. This portfolio addresses the varied needs of rural-focused service providers with solutions tailored to their unique deployment and business challenges. Adtran is a global leader in sealed micro FTTx solutions with over 500,000 units deployed in the harshest climates.


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