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Adtran enables Maine’s first nonprofit broadband utility to build open-access fiber optic network

Adtran partner, Pioneer Broadband, works with Downeast Broadband Utility to bring high-speed internet to rural communities

Adtran®, Inc., (NASDAQ: ADTN), the leading provider of next-generation multi-gigabit fiber access and fiber extension solutions, today announced that it is empowering Pioneer Broadband to bring high-speed broadband internet to communities in rural Maine. In conjunction with Downeast Broadband Utility, Pioneer Broadband is building an open-access fiber infrastructure in the towns of Baileyville and Calais using all-Adtran technology. Downeast Broadband Utility contracted with Pioneer to design and build the new network to bring high-speed internet access to communities previously left behind by other major service providers.

“We are proud that Adtran was chosen to enable this public-private partnership and Maine’s first municipal broadband utility,” said Brian Efimetz, senior director of North American sales at Adtran. “Adtran’s technology helps spur economic growth and revitalize rural communities around the world. We are excited to see vibrant innovation hubs develop once high-speed internet becomes available.”

We have had a trusted relationship with Adtran for years.
Tim McAfee, CEO, Pioneer Broadband

When these rural communities realized that broadband access from traditional service providers was either unavailable or unfeasible due to cost, they created the state’s first quasi-municipal broadband utility: Downeast Broadband Utility. Pioneer Broadband won the RFP by designing an open-access fiber optic network that will allow multiple service providers to utilize the network in the future. This plan gave the communities the high-speed internet they needed at a reasonable cost. Then, Pioneer Broadband turned to their longtime partner, Adtran, to supply its TA5000 GPON solution, which provided the flexibility and modularity they needed to build out the network.

“We have had a trusted relationship with Adtran for years and knew they would be the right partner,” said Tim McAfee, CEO at Pioneer Broadband. “We also knew that Adtran would not only bring the right people, Adtran would bring the right technology and expertise for this important project.”

Fiber optic internet access paves the way for opportunity and economic growth in rural communities, allowing technological innovations seen in more urban areas. Broadband will be a major economic engine for this region, making everything from telemedicine to remote workers a reality. Already, broadband has been a contributing factor in the revitalization of downtown Calais, which is experiencing increased tourism activity.

Pioneer Broadband is an industry-leading provider of internet, telecommunications and cable television services to communities across northern and eastern Maine. Pioneer Broadband is a privately owned, local Maine company operating facilities in 80 locations and delivers residential and business connectivity solutions and is the only internet service provider in Maine to have connections to the Canadian internet backbone, offering international diversity and redundancy unique among Maine’s providers.


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