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Network infrastructure OLS

Flexibility and versatility

Continual change is the only constant thing in transport technology. That’s why it’s essential to build today’s networks on an open, flexible and scalable optical layer ready to accommodate evolving demand and new innovation. With a modular design as well as multiple filter and amplifier options, our FSP 3000 open line system (OLS) is engineered to meet the specific demands of modern metro, core and DCI applications. It enables both integrated and disaggregated deployments with the same system components. It also supports flexible installation in multiple chassis sizes. Our FSP 3000 OLS works across all coherent and direct-detect modulation formats and, with ROADMs supporting a flexgrid spectrum, it enables truly future-proof OLS solutions.

Removing vendor lock-in

With our FSP 3000 OLS, operators can easily take advantage of different innovation lifecycles as well as best-of-breed technology.
A flexible and highly scalable multi-degree ROADM architecture easily accommodates evolving network demands.

Compactness, simplicity and low initial cost

With its modular design, our FSP 3000 offers innovative solutions for any type of network infrastructure.

A reconfigurable OLS at metro economics

The innovative technology behind our FSP 3000 metro OLS components enables network operators to avoid high first-in costs. It creates an ultra-compact flexible optical layer that can be easily deployed in space-constrained metro points of presence, including street cabinets. Metro-optimized 2-degree ROADM nodes enable a cost-effective reconfigurable optical layer, even in networks with very few add/drops. With flexgrid support, they ensure a metro network that can scale and support high-capacity coherent wavelengths.

Maximizing capacity and reach

With ROADMs supporting a flexible grid, our FSP 3000 OLS enables ultra-high-speed coherent and high baud-rate technology transport.

The optimum solution for any infrastructure

Our FSP 3000 OLS features high-power EDFA and hybrid EDFA-RAMAN amplification options to overcome long distances, and the transmission of ultra-high capacity wavelengths over multi-span links. Its multi-degree, flexgrid ROADM nodes with flexible and highly scalable architecture supporting multiple colorless, directionless and contentionless add/drop options can easily accommodate evolving network demands. Our FSP 3000 provides optical restoration for highest availability and opens the door to new revenue opportunities by supporting managed spectrum services. It also offers open Yang-based APIs for easy integration into SDN environments and integrated OSC for in-band management with our advanced Ensemble Controller.

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