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Open line systems between data centers are strategic assets

Today’s data center interconnect (DCI) networks require a new level of flexibility and choice. The growing demand for cloud-based applications, video streaming, and business continuity and disaster recovery plans is putting enormous pressure on the connectivity networks between data centers. This huge traffic growth is creating DCI congestion and even bottlenecks, which significantly affect the performance of applications. Coherent modulation schemes and optical terminals are evolving and becoming increasingly diverse to effectively meet a wide range of performance, scale, and cost objectives. Open line systems (OLSs) between data centers need to support this traffic growth and diversity while keeping operational simplicity at a minimum. As the OLS remains in the DCI network longer than other components, it is a key asset for DCI success.

400ZR-optimized DCI OLS

Our FSP 3000 DCI OLS features a new configuration specifically engineered for 400ZR DCI.

Our FSP 3000 OLS enables ultra-high-capacity DCI while reducing total cost of ownership and operational complexity.

Build your own DCI

The modular approach of our open FSP 3000 OLS enables highly customized solutions.

For all DCI demands

As the OLS remains in the DCI network longer than other components, it needs to handle the variety and continuous evolution of coherent transport schemes. Our FSP 3000 OLS is the answer. Besides direct-detect modulation, it supports all coherent modulation schemes and varying baud rates. Furthermore, with its open interfaces it ensures seamless interworking with third-party transceivers and supports the latest coherent transport innovation. What’s more it includes components specially designed to meet specific DCI demands. With a high-density design optimized for data center environments, and integrated OCM and OTDR capabilities, this new DCI OLS complies with all 400ZR and OpenZR+ specifications. What’s more, it not only enables the optimal transport of these wavelengths but also the optimal surveillance and management of the network.

Automation for ease of use

Automated power level adjustment and integrated diagnostic tools enable simpler, error-free operations.

Open and standardized APIs

With an open and modular architecture, our FSP 3000 DCI OLS offers unrivalled versatility. It enables operators to avoid technology lock-ins and at the same time drive down network cost in terms of both capex and opex. Filters and amplifier options, which have been engineered to meet specific DCI demands, enable operators to create the DCI OLS that fully complies with their needs. Built-in monitoring and assurance tools as well as open application programmable interfaces (APIs) support true open and disaggregated networking. And with its compact footprint, our FSP 3000 DCI OLS is ideally suited to deployment in today’s data centers where rack space comes at a premium.


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