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Ensemble Controller

Managing your digital transformation

Communication networks are evolving. The next few years will see a gradual but unstoppable transition from manual operations to automated control by overarching end-to-end orchestrators. Consistency, scalability and reliability are key for a seamless migration to automated control. Our Ensemble Controller combines the advanced capabilities designed into our highly successful FSP Network Manager and Pro-Vision® management systems with our proven SDN domain controller, the FSP Network Hypervisor. User-friendly, barrier-free interfaces in combination with open standardized control provide a strong foundation for you to master the challenges of the digital transformation.

SDN expertise

Our open, standardized control interfaces for automated control have been verified with many open-source and commercial orchestrators.
With Ensemble Controller, existing users are rewarded with a range of new capabilities.

Connectivity, security and synchronization

Ensemble Controller can be easily extended with capabilities such as our multi-layer ConnectGuard™ security suite or Syncjack™, our unique synchronization solution.

The next chapter of our NMS success story

Many customers running third-party management systems have recently turned to Adtran. Thanks to an intuitive, barrier-free graphical user interface, comprehensive fault analysis tools, filtering functions, configurable reports and a range of assisting capabilities, more than 750 customers are leveraging our network management solutions today. With Ensemble Controller, existing users are rewarded with a range of new capabilities, while new customers will appreciate the wealth of experience designed into this product. 

Enabling automation

Disruptive change can be risky in complex networks but our Ensemble Controller ensures a smooth, risk-free shift from manual to automated control.

Preparing for autonomous networking

Early artificial intelligence use cases are already proving to be valuable for operating and maintaining networks. So far, however, ultimate responsibility has remained with human operators. Our Ensemble Controller combines efficiency in manual operations with programmatic control. It supports the human user and, at the same time, enables intelligent algorithms to gather data and take autonomous action. While software takes control and troublesome and time-consuming manual processes disappear, operational teams still have full visibility and can step in at any time.

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