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Bluesocket 6020

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Dual Band Wi-Fi 6 Indoor Access Point, Full 2x2:2 SU & MU-MIMO Performance, Offering Data Rates Up to 1.7 Gbps Per AP
Item Number 1700971F1
Key Features Business Wi-Fi Access Points, Wi-Fi 6
The Bluesocket 6020 indoor AP offers enterprise-grade performance and reliable coverage in high-density wireless environments such as indoor arenas, conference centers, libraries, and other high-traffic areas. It supports two transmit and two receive streams providing data rates up to 1.78 Gbps per AP. In addition, the Bluesocket 6020 includes four Multi-User MIMO (MU-MIMO) internal antennas with up to 5dBi peak gain and is fully functional when powered by an 802.3af PoE solution. Note: an on-premises or an Elite Cloud license is required.
  • Enterprise-class Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) Indoor Access Point
  • Full 2x2:2 SU & MU-MIMO Performance, Offering Aggregated Data Rates Up to 1.7 Gbps Per Radio
  • Bi-Directional OFDMA Uses Air Resource for Access Points and Client Device Efficiency
  • BSS Coloring Technology to Uniquely Distinguish Traffic for Higher Efficiency in Dense Deployments
  • Built-in Powerful Qualcomm Quad-core CPU for Driving and Boosting Performance Effectively
  • Fully Functional With 802.3af Power over Ethernet
  • “Zero-touch” Deployments Automatically Discover vWLAN, and Download Firmware and Configurations
  • Dynamic RF for Automatic Channel, TX Power, and Neighbor Discovery
  • Provides Class of Service Levels for Prioritizing Multi-users and Multiservices
  • Stateful Firewall at the Edge and WPA3 Encryption for Added Security
  • Fully Compliant with Wi-Fi 6 Standards and Backwards Compatible With wave2/ac/a/b/g/n Client Devices
Bluesocket 6020 (475.83 kB)

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