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Total Access 908e

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IP Business Gateway offering three Ethernet and four T1 interfaces, and up to 8 FXS ports for analog devices
Item Number 4243908F1
Key Features IP Business Gateways
The Total Access 908e is an IP Business Gateway perfect for Ethernet and multi-T1 applications designed for carrier Ethernet and SIP/MGCP Voice over IP (VoIP) networks. This device uses the Adtran Operating System (AOS) to simplify management and administration. The Total Access 908e offers up to 8 FXS ports via an Amphenol connection for analog voice delivery, four T1/FT1 ports, and three Ethernet interfaces (one Gigabit and two Fast) for access for WAN or LAN access.
  • Seamless voice and data integration over VoIP-based network architectures
  • Designed for Ethernet and Multi-T1 applications
  • Optional eSBC functionality
  • Up to 8 analog POTS interfaces
  • Compatible with industry-leading softswitches and call agents
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation affords more efficient utilization
  • Integral full-featured business-class IP router
  • Stateful inspection firewall for network security
  • Quality of Service for delay and jitter sensitive traffic like VoIP
  • Supports 802.1q Virtual LAN Trunking
  • Voice Quality Monitoring
  • Network Address Translation for IP address concealment
  • Feature-rich Adtran Operating System
  • Rugged metal case
  • Optional battery backup

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