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Metnet 60G CPE, PoE Power

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Self-install 60GHz Mesh Access Solution
Item Number 419326203F2US
Key Features Fixed Wireless
The Metnet 60G Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) connects automatically to the Metnet 60GHz multipoint mesh network. The Metnet 60G CPE has a wide 90-degree field of view, and is a low-cost, environmentally hardened (IP-65 rating), PoE-powered unit that complements fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) services to extend gigabit services into homes and businesses in locations that are hard to reach with fiber. The Metnet 60G CPE can also be utilized for cost-effective campus LAN extension applications to connect multiple buildings.
  • Gigabit Service Delivery Up to 500m (1/3 mile)
  • Ideal For Residential or Business Gigabit, and Campus LAN Extension Applications
  • Support For Channels 1-6 Delivering 90% lower Atmospheric Attenuation
  • Industry-first 60GHz Self-organizing and Self-healing Network
  • Under 30 Minute Install and Commissioning
  • Cloud-EMS Enables Remote Network Setup, Management and Upgrades
Metnet 60G (448.06 kB)

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