Alternative Network Operators

Building Gigabit Societies.

Today’s global economy demands connectivity from everyone and every business. Adtran understands the pressure Altnets face to thrive competitively and deliver attractive, high-value internet services without compromising sustainability. Equip your network to meet customer demands with AI-driven, adaptive Wi-Fi powered by Adtran’s end-to-end fiber broadband solutions backed by over three decades of engineering.


Leapfrog gigabit technology with AI-led, end-to-end fiber solutions enabling both wholesale and retail business models to deliver full fiber.


  • Seamless Deployment of Full Fiber

  • Deliver Customer Satisfaction

  • Rapid Return on Investment

How Can Adtran Help?

Empowering Altnets to

Disrupt the market with multi-gigabit residential and business services.

Gain loyal customers with intelligent mesh Wi-Fi and purpose-built SaaS tools.

Build a high-value network with automation and AI-driven network insight.

With a Purpose-Built, End-to-End, Full Fiber Solution 

Intelligent SaaS Applications for Marketing, Operations, and Customer Success.

New revenue. Faster resolution of customer issues. Reduced truck rolls.

Learn Why Our Altnets Choose Adtran

Zzoomm deployed a 10G full-fibre network to homes across the UK.

toob is set to deliver a 10G full-fibre network to rural homes in southern England.

Netomnia is prepared for rapid deployment of a full-fibre network using Adtran's SDX platform.

Featured Resources

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Adtran's market-leading, sustainable fibre access platform simplifies multi-gigabit service delivery regardless of density, topology, or application needs. The way it should be.


Alternative Network Solution Brief

Unlock the future network and deliver on Gigabit Society goals with Adtran's end-to-end fibre broadband solutions.


Metnet 60G Mesh Fixed Wireless Solution Brief

Adtran offers the Metnet 60G solution, which provides industry-leading performance, deployment flexibility, and resilience, delivering on the business case for gigabit fixed wireless for hard-to-connect dense urban and rural locations.


EU Telecom Policy and Regulations

Adtran's AI-driven technology innovations advance the Gigabit Society goals by promoting the availability and takeup of Very High Capacity Networks (VHCN) to ensure Gigabit connectivity for all.


Building a Network with Adtran - From Headend to Customer Premises

Principles and guidelines to building an end-to-end full-fiber network - from headend to customer premises


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