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SDX 8310-32

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32-Port 100GE Switch
Item Number 11971101F1
Key Features Disaggregated Switches
The SDX 8310-32 100GE Switch is an open, disaggregated system that is designed to be scalable for "pay-as-you-grow" open systems. The 1RU Switch provides L2 and L3 switching across 32 Nx100GE ports. These ports support switching and routing for up to 32x40/100GE, 64x50GE, or 128x10/25GE connections.
  • Accelerates Differentiated Service Creation Via Open, Multivendor, SDN Programmability
  • Avoids Vendor-specific Component Lock-in Via Open Interfaces and APIs
  • Supports Stringent Backhaul Services With Enhanced Features Including Low Latency and Network Timing Sync
  • Mitigates the Uncertain Demand of Emerging Differentiated Services Through Data Center Switching Architectures
SDX 8000 Series (650.45 kB)

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