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NetVanta 6250, 16 FXS + 9 FXO (1 Lifeline)

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A fiber ready IP Business Gateway for multi-Ethernet/T1 with 16 FXS ports, and 9 Fox ports, one for Lifeline survivability.
Item Number 4700256F3
Key Features IP Business Gateways
The NetVanta 6250 16 FXS is an IP Business Gateway designed for carrier Ethernet and Voice over IP (VoIP) networks delivering high speed services to the customer premises. This devise uses the Adtran Operating System (AOS) to simplify management and administration. The NetVanta 6250 16 FXS is designed for legacy T1 access as well as emerging Ethernet delivery. User interfaces include: five routed Ethernet ports (one Gigabit/SFP and four Fast Ethernet) for WAN/LAN connectivity, and access to the NetVanta 6250’s router, four T1 ports for network connectivity or legacy PBX connection, up to 16 FXS analog voice ports, and up to nine FXO ports, one for survivability.
  • Seamless voice and data integration over VoIP-based network architectures
  • Includes five routed Ethernet interfaces
  • Up to 16 analog POTS interfaces
  • Nine FXO interfaces, one for survivability
  • Perfect for multi-T1 through higher bandwidth Ethernet services
  • VQM for advance troubleshooting
  • QoS ensures priority for voice traffic
  • Packet Capture for easy troubleshooting
  • Designed to support both legacy and SIP PBX connectivity
  • Compatible with industry-leading softswitches and call agents
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation affords more efficient utilization
  • Standardized voice compression requires less bandwidth per voice call
  • Integral full-featured business class IP router for data support and Internet access
  • Supports 802.1q Virtual LAN Trunking
  • NAT for IP address concealment
  • Optional battery backup
  • Industry-leading, five-year warranty
  • Dual AC/DC power supply
  • Supports transcoding and DTMF interworking <30 calls>
  • Full featured SBC for robust network security and voice interoperability

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