Fixed Wireless Access

Metnet 60GHz Mesh Node, AC Power, Pole Mount Kit Included

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Self-healing 60GHz Access and Backhaul Solution
Item Number 119316114F1
Key Features Fixed Wireless
The Metnet 60G mesh node is a high-capacity (15+ Gbps), self-organizing and self-healing 60GHz access and backhaul solution with 2 x 1GE interfaces, is AC-powered, and supports rapid extension of fiber-like connectivity for residential, business, 5G backhaul and public Wi-Fi hotspot applications.
  • Gigabit Service Delivery Up to 500m (1/3 mile)
  • Support For Channels 1-6 Delivering 90% Lower Atmospheric Attenuation
  • Industry-first 60GHz Self-organizing and Self-healing Network
  • Under 30 minute Install and Commissioning
  • 50% Greater Channel Selection Delivering Highly Reliable Connectivity
  • 4X the Number of Clients Supported
  • Cloud-EMS Enables Remote Network Setup, Management and Upgrades
  • 80% Lower Power Draw Per Gigabit Connection

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