Delivering Symmetric Gigabit Broadband

Next-generation fiber extension technology delivers symmetric gigabit broadband utilizing in-building copper (twisted pair or coax wiring), speeding time-to-market, eliminating resident disruption, and lowering the cost per connection.

Capture MDU Market

Extend symmetric gigabit service over existing in-building wiring supporting Fiber-to-the-Building (FTTB) architectures.

Lower Deployment Costs

Deliver services over existing phone and TV wiring, eliminating the time and cost needed to install fiber optic “drop” cabling.

Speed Time-to-Market

Deliver services to 10x the living units than Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH), resulting in faster time to cash and greater fiber network ROI.

Jumpstart SDN Optimization

Simplify integration into existing IT/OSS systems and enable AI-driven network insights and optimization.

Key Applications

  • Deliver broadband to Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU)
  • Connect the urban underserved
  • Navigate right-of-way challenges, historic areas
  • Execute smart city initiatives

“Our customers want to be able to fully participate in the Gigabit Economy. For many that work in historic buildings downtown, full fiber is not an option today, so we are finding alternative technologies to support gigabit speeds.”

Pasi Lahtinen, ICT Manager at Welcom Net

Fiber Extension Solutions

Adtran unifies hard-to-reach urban and rural locations with next-generation broadband technologies.

Accelerate your gigabit society goals with the industry’s broadest range of fiber extension solutions, covering all fiber-to-the-x (building, node, or antenna) architectures.

Featured Resources

Welcom Net Leverages Adtran to Bring Advanced Gigabit Services to Finland

The breadth of Adtran’s Gfast fiber extension solutions is helping create meaningful opportunities for carriers across the Nordics, to build networks the way they should be built – fast, nimble and scalable.

Orange Polska Leverages Adtran’s Fiber Extension Solutions to Extend FTTH Services

Adtran was able to deliver the right solution, at scale, that will enable us to best serve our customers and achieve our network service goals today and into the future.

M-net Selects Adtran for Gigabit Fiber Extension Network Build

The new generation of Gfast is a solution that immediately enables us to provide our customers with gigabit services via the existing FTTB-infrastructure – a solution significantly more reliable, more robust against interference and much more efficient in the carbon footprint than alternative technologies in the market.

Gfast – The Gigabit Path Forward

The gold standard to achieve a gigabit vision is Fiber-to-the-Premises (FTTP), but FTTP alone can't achieve this vision. Where an FTTP deployment is too expensive or difficult to deploy, something more is needed.


Second-Generation Gfast Solution Brief

Fiber extension technologies such as second-generation Gfast offer service providers the ability to more rapidly and reliably connect more subscribers to their fiber optical distribution networks at a low total cost of ownership.


Gfast Broadband Toolkit Infographic

Gfast offers the option of deploying fiber to the pit, pole, or pedestal and the option of multiple input power variants including remote and reverse powering techniques as well as weather-hardened solutions.

Adtran Gfast Leadership Timeline

Since demonstrating the industry’s first fully sealed Gfast solution in 2014, Adtran has become the recognized leader in Gfast deployments supporting national broadband deployments across four continents.

Gfast Deployment Variants

Extending fiber deeper into the access network allows for the retirement of the most maintenance-prone segments of copper DSL networks leaving behind highly robust, shielded in-door wiring on which to extend the broadband connection.