Fiber Optic Access.


Investor-Owned Utilities (IOUs), Electric Cooperatives, and Public Power Companies, all leverage fiber optic access to empower their communities. From more effective power grid management, to enablement of business innovation, advanced healthcare, increased educational opportunity, and improved quality of life overall.

Fiber Access

Fiber Access

ADTRAN enables full-fiber networks leveraging PON technologies that deliver gigabit access for residential, businesses, and backhaul applications.

Fiber Extension

Fiber Extension

Our fiber extension solutions enable operators to extend gigabit services rapidly and cost-effectively in under served areas.

Connected Home

Connected Home

Our portfolio of residential CPEs includes our latest Wi-Fi 5/6 service gateways, residential gateways, cloud-based management tools and mesh Wi-Fi solutions.

Global Services

Global Service

ADTRAN serves as a trusted partner, speeding your time to market, maximizing network performance, and enabling you to transform your vision to reality.


ADTRAN has been driving American Innovation in Network Design, Manufacturing, Services, and Support for nearly four decades, and serves as a Trusted Partner to operators, service providers, municipalities and cooperatives across the globe.

The Total Access 5000 platform is the highest density 10G PON solution in the US market and serves as the foundation for the industry’s most comprehensive RDOF portfolio.


ADTRAN enables electric utilities to empower their communities through broadband, improving quality of life and generating immeasurable gains.

True Grid Modernization

True Grid Modernization
Enable convergence of fiber optics with the electric grid.

Improved Healthcare

Improved Healthcare
New avenues for providing quality, virtual health care.

Virtual Learning

Virtual Learning
Access to online resources and virtual classrooms.

Business & Job Growth

Business & Job Growth
Attract new business and compete on a global scale.


City leaders understand the need to ensure today’s networks will scale for tomorrow’s demands, so when examining fiber network planning, bridging the gap to next-generation 10 Gigabit network infrastructures is an important consideration.

ADTRAN is a recognized leader in 10 Gigabit Passive Optical Network (10G PON) architecture and our solutions can effortlessly and incrementally unlock additional network capacity as needed, maximizing service flexibility with minimal cost.

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Real Partnership: Electric Cooperatives


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