Creating Gigabit Cities.

Create Gigabit Cities with ADTRAN's Municipal Broadband Solutions.

The need for Gigabit is unfolding at an incredible pace. ADTRAN is partnering with local governments, anchor institutions, and community stakeholders to bring next-generation broadband capacity to everyone, everywhere.

ADTRAN Solutions for Municipalities


The Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) is a federal funding program expected to allocate $20.4 billion in funding over a ten-year period to support broadband networks in rural communities across the country.

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Fixed Wireless Access Options

In cases where the economics for FTTH aren’t immediately practical, fiber to a distribution point along with fixed wireless access solutions present a hybrid approach to last mile connectivity.

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Internet the Way It Should Be

With SmartRG's integrated suite of residential gateways, applications and tools, services providers are able to optimize the subscriber experience while reducing complexity in the home network.

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Subscriber Experience Matters

As municipalities become communications service providers, they need to plan upfront integration of network and subscriber information to ensure their residents’ quality of service.

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Broadband Technologies

5G and Utilities

ADTRAN serves as a trusted partner, speeding your time to market, maximizing network performance, and enabling you to transform your community vision into reality.

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Understand the Power of Fiber Networks

Understand the Power of Fiber Networks

Municipalities can implement and maintain fiber infrastructure with complete business visibility and simplicity in the delivery of broadband services with limitless bandwidth.

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Gigabit Broadband Service Delivery in Action

EPlus Broadband’s fiber broadband services are enabling lifechanging impacts in healthcare, education and consumer services in Jackson, TN, driving economic growth in countless ways.

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Article: Technology Strategies for Municipal Fiber Broadband

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