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Engage Customers and Elevate your Brand with Targeted Marketing

Mosaic One Promote empowers marketing teams to deliver the right campaign at the right time by providing customer insights, advanced filters, and marketing platforms integrations.

Increase service take-rate through promotion targeting. Analyze subscriber behavior to segment audiences and build highly targeted campaigns.

Increase potential revenue by preemptively identifying upgrade and churn candidates.

Maximize marketing resources by automating sophisticated cross-platform marketing campaigns.

Craft distinctive campaigns with the help of the Adtran Marketing Center – a library of resources, frequently refreshed, to always provide marketers with ready-to-brand content built by fellow telecom marketers.

 ZOOMIdentify Churn Suspects & Minimize Churn

View subscribers with high flight risk scores and minimize churn by proactively offering free upgrade campaigns.

Automate Campaigns Across Multiple Channels

Create and track campaigns across your choice of email, mobile, SMS and social media, with deep insights into campaign performance - reach, clicks, CTR and conversions.

Unlocking your Network with Intelligent SaaS

Mosaic One streamlines customer care, network operations, and marketing campaigns to safeguard customer loyalty and increase your bottom line through AI-driven insights and actionable intelligence.

36p Increase
in NPS

25% Lower

20% Higher
Monthly ARPU

Unlock AI-Driven Network Intelligence with Mosaic One

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Unlock AI-Driven Network Intelligence with Mosaic One