Mesh Wi-Fi.
The Way It Should Be.

Mesh Wi-Fi

The world’s fastest, iconically designed Plume SuperPods provide consistent Wi-Fi in every corner of the home. With Mosaic Subscriber Experience, Powered by Plume, you can deliver AI-driven whole-home Wi-Fi coverage, security to protect every device, guest access, parental controls, motion detection, and more.

Plume SuperPods

We enable ISPs to deliver unparalleled, proactive support and services from an open-source, cloud-based platform for greater adaptability, security, and updates at scale.


There is a clear set of common problems faced by ISPs of all sizes in this ever-evolving Smart Home world–all of which are measurably addressed by our Customer Experience solution.

With Mosaic Customer Experience, Powered by Plume, software-defined, cloud-based implementation is simple and infinitely scalable. This allows ISPs to bring an entire and growing suite of Smart Home Services to their customer base near instantaneously.


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