Adtran Legal

Adtran's resource center for legal documentation.

Product, Software, and Services

Standard Terms & Conditions of Sale

The Terms of Sale govern (by incorporation or by reference) the sale of Adtran products and services.

Cloud and Software Terms & Conditions

Customers receive a license or right to use the Cloud and Software Services under our Adtran End User License Agreement (EULA). Mosaic Suite Terms & Conditions are listed below as applicable.

Service & Support Descriptions

Specific terms for purchases of ProServices and Network Care Plan packages.

Product & Service Warranty

Adtran’s Warranty applies to the end customer or the original owner and is non-transferrable. Adtran warranties are subject to and provided only on the terms and conditions as set out in the warranty published on this site.

Policies & Procedures

Global Anti-Corruption

Overview of Adtran’s various policies regarding business ethics.

Sustainability & Human Rights

Overview of Adtran’s compliance with Human Rights Policy and Environmental Policy.

Trademark & Logo Usage Policy

Adtran’s Trademark and Logo Usage policy provides guidelines for the proper usage of Adtran’s trademark.

Supplier Portal

Supplier Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct required to be accepted by all Suppliers to Adtran and its affiliates. All suppliers to Adtran or its affiliates are required to follow Adtran’s Code of Conduct.