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Residential Gateways.
Mesh Wi-Fi.
Mosaic One.


ADTRAN's suite of residential CPE includes our latest Wi-Fi 5/6 service delivery gateways, SmartRG gateways, and Mesh Wi-Fi. Plus, Mosaic One, our cloud-based management tools further optimizes the subscriber experience while reducing complexity in the home network.

Residential Gateways

ADTRAN's portfolio of Residential Gateways are fully integrated service delivery platforms that optimize the subscriber experience while reducing complexity in the home network.

Mesh Wi-Fi

Powered by Plume, SuperPods are beautifully designed hardware that plug straight into the wall. The tri-band SuperPods with dual Ethernet ports ensure whole home coverage.

Mosaic One

Managing your network can be complex. Mosaic One simplifies it - with a single interface for Mosaic software. One centralized view of deployed devices with greater opportunity to improve your subscriber experience.


There is a clear set of common problems faced by ISPs of all sizes in this ever-evolving Smart Home world–all of which are measurably addressed by our Customer Experience solution.

With Mosaic Customer Experience, Powered by Plume, software-defined, cloud-based implementation is simple and infinitely scalable. This allows ISPs to bring an entire and growing suite of Smart Home Services to their customer base near instantaneously.

Why Connected Home?

More than ever, your subscribers are relying on your network to be connected. With so many of us spending more time in our homes, whether at work or at play, ‘mission critical networks’ have taken on new meaning. Scalability and responsiveness are what’s needed to counter growing demand and rapidly deliver new services, all while keeping costs under control.

Expand Capacity and Reach of Digital Services

Expand Capacity and
Reach of Digital Services

Efficiently operate services under a single cloud-based control plane that can scale out as needed to meet the growing demands of your subscriber base.

Simplify Operations and Optimize Cost

Simplify Operations
and Optimize Cost

ADTRAN’s open, disaggregated architecture and flexible deployment options help you to drastically simplify operations, optimize performance and minimize cost.

Deliver Superior Customer Experience

Deliver Superior
Customer Experience

Accelerate new service delivery and revenue generation while ensuring that the network can keep pace with customers’ bandwidth, service, and QoS demands.


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