This week ADTRAN is participating in the Ohio Telecom Association (OTA) Statehouse Day in Columbus, OH. The event brings together Ohio state legislators and service providers such as AT&T, CenturyLink, Frontier, Cincinnati Bell, Verizon, Windstream, ORBA, and more. ADTRAN is pleased to have the opportunity to share examples of the economic benefits Gigabit broadband is bringing to the residents, businesses and students of Ohio.

As a part of our Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives campaign, ADTRAN has been working with Ohio service providers to address the demand for ultra-fast broadband across the state. In fact, 15 school districts across Ohio are equipping schools with the speed and bandwidth needed to keep up with technology demands and comply with local education mandates. Gigabit broadband is also providing ample bandwidth to support the increased demand on Wi-Fi networks as Ohio schools see an increase in mobile devices from tablets, smartphones and other connected learning tools. Service providers are also using Gigabit broadband to address the needs of local business owners to successfully grow their businesses and stay competitive in a global marketplace.

ADTRAN believes every community regardless of its size can realize the transformative benefits of Gigabit broadband as it looks to compete today’s digital economy. A few of the ways we see this happening are:

  • Economic Development: The availability of Gigabit throughout towns and cities has proven to attract new businesses, stimulating local economies. According to a Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) Council study, communities with widely available Gigabit broadband access experience a 1.1 percent higher per capita GDP than areas without Gigabit.
  • Education: Gigabit broadband is providing school districts with the necessary bandwidth to ensure online education for more personalized learning experiences as well as maximizing the benefit of E-rate funding projects. The technology is bringing networks together, allowing schools, administrators, teacher and students to communicate in new, innovative ways while learning at their own pace.
  • Real Estate: A FTTH Council study proclaims that communities with access to fiber-delivered Internet can increase home values by up to 3.1 percent, or nearly $5,500 on a median priced home of $175,000.
  • Telecommuting: Gigabit is opening the doors for increased work flexibility by allowing employees to work remotely. Telecommuters are able to enjoy a more affordable, higher quality of life without having to give up big city jobs. All the time saved in not commuting also translates to a lower carbon footprint.
  • Agriculture: The delivery of Gigabit speeds is helping streamline crucial agriculture processes as well as enable new services.
  • Healthcare: Hospitals and healthcare offices are deploying Gigabit broadband as they look to boost the quality of patient care. For those with ultra-fast broadband speeds, doctors, specialists and nurses are able to work efficiently with colleagues on-site and remotely.

Ohio is proving what we see in more than 250 communities across the country every day – Gigabit broadband is transforming communities and creating new opportunities in education, healthcare, real estate, transportation and more.