With that fascinating question, Jeremy Harris, ADTRAN Director of Subscriber Solutions and Experience, kicked off an insightful Light Reading radio show on "Virtualizing the Subscriber Experience."


In the battle for the broadband customer, service providers are beginning to recognize that marketing "speed" alone will not help them win customers. As outlined in part 1 of this blog, service providers need to understand innovation dimensions and double-down on efforts to impact the "subscriber experience" to effectively compete for subscribers' wallet-share. So where do you start?

In the radio show, Jeremy outlined how the subscriber experience should cover all touchpoints of the customer journey, and that starts with their very first interaction. Jeremy highlighted initial service activation, which traditionally has involved multiple proprietary systems leading to data entry errors and swivel chair operations, resulting in multiple contact center calls and expensive truck rolls - identifying service activation as one target area for service innovation. Jeremy pointed to the shift towards SD-Access networks that enables end-to-end service orchestration, simplifying and automating provisioning, resulting in delighted subscribers from day one.

Jeremy also highlighted emerging tools and technologies such as self-healing Wi-Fi technologies and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning that allow service providers to leverage network and subscriber analytics, virtualize service delivery and management, improving both the subscriber experience and service velocity. I'd encourage you to check-out the radio show in its entirety on Light Reading's website.

BTW, I still haven't thrown away my old iPhone 4S box or the subsequent ones. I'd love to hear your thoughts/comments on this topic.