As availability of Gigabit services increases across cities and communities nationwide, over 50 million (18%) Americans now have access to Gigabit services. With cable MSOs and telcos expanding coverage, it’s becoming common to see multiple Gigabit providers and, as a result, broadband speeds are becoming less of a competitive differentiator. So how can service providers innovate to win in this highly competitive broadband battle?

In a recent USTelecom webinar, Jeremy Harris, ADTRAN Director of Subscriber Experience Solutions, pointed to a powerful analogy about innovation in the Audio Industry taken from The Harvard Business Review’s article on Technology Innovation. While the Audio industry was focused on delivering higher audio quality (Super Audio CD vs. DVD Audio), MP3s revolutionized the music industry by focusing on music portability and file sharing, at a lower audio quality.

Jeremy outlined the need for service providers to understand innovation dimensions for telecommunications and their utility to subscribers.

Innovation Dimensions for Telecom

For telecoms, broadband speeds and latency have begun to flatten in their perceived utility to users as 100Mbps speeds and +25ms latency very much meets today’s application needs. Service providers need to focus on delivering simple, intuitive and high-quality user experiences to differentiate and win subscribers. Jeremy highlighted the technologies that can fundamentally improve the subscriber experience resulting in increased service velocity and reduced subscriber churn though the use of advanced subscriber and network analytics, software-centric operations and virtualized service delivery.

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