by: Dieter Kortmann, Director, Partner Management Europe and Harald Bock, VP, Network & Technology Strategy

Broadband fixed and mobile network operators can’t compromise. They must be able to scale quickly to meet capacity demands for new services and applications. They must escalate operations to run mobile, residential, and enterprise on the same infrastructure to address the evolving requirements of IoT and cloud computing. But how do they meet these demands while reducing space, power, and footprint? Coriant and ADTRAN are committed to delivering best-of-breed open, programmable, and scalable solutions. Merging highly scalable CORD-based physical layer agnostic SD-Access architectures with high performance, low power 100G+ aggregation and transport affords our customers cost-effective rapid service innovation while providing the highest QoE and optimal service choices for subscribers.

Seamless Pay as You Grow from 100G to 800G in 1RU

Coriant is leading the charge for scalable, open, and disaggregated solutions in the hyperscale era. Empowered with the Coriant Groove™ G30 Network Disaggregation Platform, operators for fixed, mobile, and Cable MSO networks can leverage the multiple benefits of the pay-as-you-grow solution to adapt to evolving end-user demands. New services can be introduced with the installation of pluggable components in a 1RU Groove chassis. Coriant is simplifying our customers’ experience while embedding the smartest, next-generation technology in the smallest hardware – all while embracing the open platform concept to help our customers avoid vendor lock-in. Coriant customers move to the next level in operational efficiency and configuration flexibility with the Groove advantage: lowest power, lowest footprint in the market for an Open Line System and transponder/muxponder solution, and open and standardized control APIs.

To learn more about the Groove G30 in combination with ADTRAN’s leading open broadband access architecture, visit the ADTRAN booth at the Broadband World Forum, October 24-26, 2017, in Berlin.

Harald Bock is VP Network & Technology Strategy at Coriant and has 20 years of experience in the telecom market working in a various different positions from research & development to sales & product strategy.

Dieter Kortmann is Director Partner Management Europe at Coriant and has worked in the telecom industry over the last 20 years in different positions from service and sales engineering to sales.