In 2013, over 40 million Target customer accounts were compromised via a security breach. Target’s systems were not even to blame, as the breach occurred via an attack on one of their third party vendor’s IT systems. Other high profile attacks have followed, and there are countless others which don’t make national headlines. If maintaining tight security is an issue for a brand name such as Target, imagine how difficult it is for a SMB enterprise to ensure their systems are locked down.

Cybercriminals see SMBs as an easy target, and businesses are aware they need to do something to protect their sensitive data. With complex and expensive security solutions out of their reach, these organizations need something that is easy to deploy and manage, while providing top flight security features at an economical price. Enter the newest addition to ADTRAN’s ProCloud Subscription Services suite, NG Firewall Powered by Untangle, which provides a cloud-based approach that is changing the network security landscape for SMBs and the managed service providers (MSPs) who support them.

In one easy to deploy and manage Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution, NG Firewall delivers a comprehensive solution to combat a myriad of security scenarios, from ransomware, malware and threat protection, to deep packet inspection, bandwidth optimization, virtual private networks (VPN) and more. It is ideal for SMB budgets, offering an affordable and predictable subscription-based pricing structure. End users can save costs by taking advantage of the fully featured software-only version and leverage existing hardware or choose a turnkey appliance. NG Firewall is also easy to set up, with plug and play deployment, providing exceptional security for SMBS without the complicated installation typically needed with a number of individual appliances.

For MSPs, NG Firewall expands their portfolio to include a comprehensive next gen firewall solution. As part of the ProCloud Subscription Services suite, NG Firewall complements the already available unified communications, security and hardware as a service offerings, allowing MSPs to quickly turn up new cloud-managed services for their customers. The full reporting capabilities of NG Firewall allow providers to easily manage the security environment for customers, with proactive alerts and the ability to drill down into specific network traffic.

No business wants to be the next Target, with vital information compromised and frustrated customers questioning the dependability of their vendor. With next gen cloud security solutions, you no longer have to envision this scenario.

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