We are excited to announce the ADTRAN Bluesocket vWLAN software release 2.9 is now available. You can find links to download software and release notes here. If you are not signed up for software notifications in our support community, sign up here. This is, of course, the same technology that powers ProCloud for Wi-Fi so look for it in your next scheduled automatic upgrade. Software release 2.9 is focused on the following:

  • • Radio Frequency (RF) enhancements, essentially using the spectrum more efficiently and improving Wi-Fi quality
  • • Debug, troubleshooting, statistics and usability, those items that make the day in the life of the network/IT admin, help desk, NOC personnel much, much easier
  • • Service provider/carrier-centric features centered around enabling service providers and carriers to provide traditional Carrier Wi-Fi hotspot/offload solutions in MDUs, public and municipal settings, venues and the ability to offer cloud-managed Wi-Fi solutions to small to medium businesses (SMBs)
  • Radio Frequency Enhancements

    Wi-Fi has gone from a nice to have coverage challenge to a must have capacity challenge to a Wi-Fi quality challenge and ADTRAN is focused on providing a carrier-class Wi-Fi quality of experience.

  • • Our new innovative DynamicSteering standards-based band/client steering technology combines load balancing and sticky client prevention technology to open up a brand new dialogue between the Wi-Fi infrastructure and client devices. This allows the Wi-Fi infrastructure to take charge making informed, coordinated, connectivity and roaming decisions from the vantage point of both the Wi-Fi infrastructure and the clients.
  • • Enhancements to our DynamicRF Radio Resource Management Technology include a focus on using the spectrum more efficiently and improving Wi-Fi quality.
  • Debug, Troubleshooting, Statistics and Usability ADTRAN is focused on making the day in the life of our valued customer’s network/IT admins, help desk, NOC personnel much, much easier. New features aimed to help in this regard include:

  • • Enhanced client/AP statistics such as signal strength
  • • A brand new real time statistics framework
  • • A cloud-based authentication test
  • • Enhanced reports and analytics
  • • One time and recurring job/task scheduling
  • • Enhanced APIs for automation and orchestration
  • We are focused on providing a solution that is simple yet powerful. Simple in that it is easy to learn, easy to use, but powerful in that it has a rich set of features and knobs and dials available when you need them.

    Service Provider/Carrier Centric Features

    ADTRAN is focused on enabling our service provider (SP), carrier and Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners to provide world class carrier Wi-Fi hotspot/offload solutions to MDUs, public and municipal settings, venues and cloud-managed Wi-Fi solutions to Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs). New features include:

  • • SAML 2.0 Administrative Single Sign On (SSO) which allows service providers/carriers and MSPs to leverage their existing login portals to seamlessly access ADTRAN Bluesocket vWLAN and ProCloud for Wi-Fi
  • • Dashboard Branding, which allows the SP/MSP to customize the branding of their cloud-managed Wi-Fi offering to be consistent with their existing portals (logo, colors)
  • • Soft GRE tunneling, which allows service providers/carriers and MSPs to advertise a branded SSID anywhere they deploy Wi-Fi as a value added service to their subscriber base, preventing churn
  • We are excited that there is much, much more to come. Something else you need? Let us know here. We’re always listening.

    Kenneth Fernandes has 17 years experience in networking and security. Since 2007, he has been focused totally on wireless networking and security. Kenneth currently serves as a Product Manager at ADTRAN where he oversees the wireless product lines such as the Bluesocket virtual Wireless LAN (vWLAN). Kenneth is considered an “engineer’s engineer” by his peers and an authority on Wi-Fi technology. Based out of the Boston, Massachusetts area, Kenneth considers himself a Wi-Fi Enthusiast and is passionate about Wi-Fi. Follow him on Twitter at @wifiblogdotcom and at http://wifiblog.com