With beginnings going back to antiquity, fencing is one of only a handful of sports which has been part of every modern Olympic Games. Conjuring up memories of The Three Musketeers and medieval knights, the sport of fencing is practiced by both young and old, with many colleges and universities fielding teams, along with many individuals practicing their craft.

This year’s Veterans (age 50+) World Championships were held from October 10-16 in Stralsund, Germany, hosting 700 participants and thousands of fans from around the world. As with every sporting event, fans expected to be able to share their experience while at the venue.

For this year’s championships, ADTRAN was proud to provide the wired and wireless solution, highlighted by Bluesocket access points, as well as NetVanta switches and routers. The network was implemented to allow the instant sharing of information, allowing fans to post updates over social media, event organizers to post live results and enable the live streaming of the championships over the Internet.

In terms of some highlights from the event:

  • • A peak of 259 mobile clients were online on one day, with a peak of 220 mobile clients running simultaneously
  • • The Wi-Fi network at the event saw over 162 Gigabytes (GBs) of traffic
  • • The overall network supported video transmission of the competitions as a live Internet stream to the world, generating approximately 170 GBs of traffic
  • • The organizing committee for the championship had their own dedicated network which saw 30 GBs of traffic
  • • One power user generated 10GBs of traffic while on the Wi-Fi network!
  • All in all, the championship was a true multimedia experience, with both fans and organizers able to share the live event with a worldwide audience.