Bringing Full Fiber Networks to Businesses and Residential Communities.

Full Fiber. The Way It Should Be.

Alternative Network Operators are leveraging opportunities to leapfrog incumbents with state-of-the-art gigabit technology, enabling both wholesale and retail business models to deliver ultra-high-speed internet services to bandwidth starved neighborhoods.

ADTRAN Solutions for Altnets

Purpose Built for Gigabit Broadband (FTTH)

FTTH or Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) provide the highest levels of application access capacity by delivering fiber optics the entire way to the living unit.


Internet the Way It Should Be

With SmartRG's integrated suite of residential gateways, applications and tools, services providers are able to optimize the subscriber experience while reducing complexity in the home network.

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Subscriber Experience Matters

As altnets become communications service providers, they need to plan upfront integration of network and subscriber information to ensure their residents’ quality of service.

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Customer Success Stories
Enabling 10 Gig Communities in London (Community Fibre)

Enabling 10 Gig Communities in London (Community Fibre)

Enabling Communities, Connecting Lives: Call Flow, Kent U.K.

Enabling 10 Gig Communities in Kent U.K.
(Call Flow)

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