You’ve invested in a great product, and now you need guidance on installing, configuring, and optimizing your purchase to receive the maximum value. You can easily access a wealth of knowledge at your convenience on the Adtran Support Community.

In addition to resources like quick start guides, discussions, and questions and answers, the Adtran Support Community provides a means for you to collaborate with over 28,000 registered members and foster peer-to-peer connections. More than one million people have visited the newly improved platform since its release in April 2020, and this trend continues to accelerate with over 15,000 active visits each month.

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Community Help

So, how do you get started? First, we recommend taking a look at Community Help. This section contains FAQs and video how-tos, and other resources that will help you get the most from the Support Community.

Ask the Community

Each member is essential to the community. Even if you only search for information, you are contributing to the success of the community. We encourage you to visit often and participate. Post questions and get answers from your peers and Adtran experts.

  • Ask it - no matter how tough or easy the question
  • Share it - if you know the answer or have a tip
  • Rate it - whether the article is or isn’t helpful

My Customer Dashboard

Find rich, custom content related to your company’s specific products by viewing links to content and portals specific to your company.

Search our Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a collection of articles that captures and organizes helpful community information. In the Knowledge Base you can:

  • Browse a library of technical documentation and support guides
  • Search for your question or topic in the search bar across all products
  • Subscribe to content pages to alert you when documents are updated or added

In these articles, you will find contributors whose posts are used, authors who put the article together, and editors who reviewed and refined the content. In addition, related links take you to posts used in the article and other posts that the authors thought you might find helpful or interesting, including forum messages, blog articles, and ideas.

Tools & Calculators

Get access to a wide range of tools like our Power and Load Calculators, Feature Matrices, and Capacity Planning Tools.


Download software and stay up to date with the most recent system release.

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