Still Serving Veterans (SSV) is a Huntsville based non-profit that helps Veterans, and their families, find meaningful employment, access their VA benefits, and connect with the resources they need to build civilian lives.

Team Adtran has supported SSV in a variety of ways over the years. In 2018, an employee-led Holiday Market was held on our campus. For two days, employees were able to shop a wide variety of items that were hand crafted by employees. All the items were donated for the event and proceeds from the market were donated to SSV. The Holiday Market raised a total of $1,575. Team Adtran matched the donation and a check was presented to SSV for $3,150.00.


In 2020, Team Adtran donated to SSV on Giving Tuesday at the request of our employees.

“Your donation of $10,000 to Still Serving Veterans will make a real difference to Veterans of our community who are in true need. Winter is always a hard time of the year, and this year COVID-19 has made it even more challenging.With your kind-hearted support, Still Serving Veterans will be able to help Veterans with shelter, food, heating bills, and other basic life-support needs.”

Paulette M. Risher, SSV President/CEO


This year, Adtran had an opening on the IT Security team. Through SSV, Adtran was matched with Hayley Blair, a Navy Veteran.

Hear from Hayley about support of SSV during her transition from San Diego back to her home state of Alabama, which not only gave her a civilian job, but got her closer to family.

About Team Adtran

Team Adtran is a vital part of Adtran’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts. The employee-led efforts of this team not only fit under the Social aspect of CSR but, more importantly, help meet the needs of our community and supports employee volunteering efforts.