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Sustainability at ADTRAN

As we follow our vision to enable a fully connected world, we are embracing sustainability. As more people are connected, work and life can be accomplished using fewer resources.

On the journey to our vision, we must continue to be a responsible corporate citizen of the world.

We will accomplish this in the typical ADTRAN entrepreneurial, reliable and ethical way by:

  • Using our Environmental Management System as a tool to support our initiatives as we explore and understand environmental issues and adapt our processes
  • Developing and delivering products that meet our customer requirements, while incorporating material and energy conservation initiatives
  • Striving to communicate and incorporate sustainability initiatives throughout the supply chain
  • Continually reviewing our operations to increase efficiencies, improve and protect our environment, and conserve natural resources while preserving the unique ADTRAN culture
  • Educating, developing and empowering our employees, and thus enabling them to identify and adopt best practices that will enhance sustainability
  • Maintaining our financial responsibility to our shareholders and employees while supporting our sustainability initiatives