The Vectoring Vintage

Like with most fine wines, Vectoring continues to improve with age. With tens of millions of Vectoring lines deployed throughout the world, what was once a highly speculative technology has certainly proven its worth in delivering 100 Mbps services with predictability and stability.

Passing the 10 Million ports shipped milestone in 2016, our novel Vectoring portfolio has proven to be the fastest growing product line in the history of the company, yielding the number one North American market share position, with shipments exceeding those of the next two largest vendors combined.

Thankfully the maturation process did not culminate with Vectoring for VDSL2; rather this was only the first step in this yet unfinished Vectoring tale. Like a Gran Reserve, who's maturation extracts even more from the fruits off the humble vine, Vectoring technology, now in its fifth year, is extracting even more from the network of copper vines in the form of Super-Vectoring.

2017 shall bear witness to the first large-scale commercial deployments of Super-Vectoring technology. Coexisting with current Vectored VDSL2 services, Super-Vectoring technology extends the usable broadband spectrum from 17 MHz to 35 MHz. This doubling of usable spectrum is particularly attractive to operators seeking to rapidly deploy service offerings with capacities in the range of 300 Mbps. By leveraging their current active equipment locations, operators can exploit existing cabinet, backhaul, and power assets, alongside their deployed MSAN and DSLAM platforms, to achieve the fastest possible time to market for this next wave of Ultra-fast services.

With Super-Vectoring emerging across the hiX5600, Total Access 5000, and Total Access 1148 sealed micro DSLAM families, ADTRAN is bringing to market the most comprehensive and highest density Super-Vectoring portfolio available in the industry.

As with a good Bordeaux, Vectoring technology, entering its second half-decade, has much more to give. At 35 MHz today, the role for even higher coexisting frequencies is under investigation. At this point, it is difficult to predict just where the ultimate potential for Vectoring lays, but suffice to say, for those who speculated about its viability, their bottle has clearly run dry.